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Cant Be Wasting My Time (One Dread One Ball Head Version) - Various - Featured Flavors From ;Dont Be A Menace; The Soundtrack (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “ Cant Be Wasting My Time (One Dread One Ball Head Version) - Various - Featured Flavors From ;Dont Be A Menace; The Soundtrack (Vinyl) ”

  1. Apr 25,  · Dreadballing is a great way to take care of loose hairs at the roots. How to Dread Ball: make sure the hair is clean. gather the loose hairs and start rolling them into a ball. once the ball is knotted up push the ball into the dread using a Dread Tool. then clockwise rub and .
  2. I have to say that it's a real delight to have spent money on a game which won't even start. I hope this is some sort of joke, because it's starting to annoy the hell.
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  4. And that's it! There's no wax in these right now, and it took all of 2 minutes per dread. Maybe. Like I said earlier, this isn't something that's going to hold up after just one go. As time goes on, all those loose little hairs will get sucked into the middle of your lock, and the end will round up as the dread matures.
  5. Jun 26,  · I fixed it by disassembling the head and washing the ball with detergent. That made it about the same as it was before applying the WD Next, I disassembled it again, and sanded the ball with grit wet sandpaper - worked great, super clamping but .
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  8. Tip: If you have a Loose Hair Tool you can use it to pull the loose hair that you dread ball at the roots way up into the dread. Since this is a knot making activity you'll want to do it when you have an "A Week Environment". (Right after a shower, just after drying with a lil Locking Accelerator, is the best time .

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